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    Travel Books

    Adventure Vacations has won the Reader's Choice Award for Best Travel Agency in La Jolla ! Many thanks to all our friends who sent in their letters of support.
    With the stock market in the tank and a lot of gloom and doom on the news about the economy, many people are putting their travel plans on hold. This is a mistake. The economy is always in a state of contracting and expanding, a constant breathing in and breathing out and in a few years we'll all be wondering what all the fuss was about. The only real wealth is your time and your health. In a few years the money you spent on your dream trip will not have made a bit of difference in your life but your memories of your travels will add joy to your life for the rest of your days. I spoke to a past client yesterday who had put off his travel plans and now regretfully told me he waited too late. A French proverb says " Make your dreams eat your life before life eats your dreams !" Good advice.

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    Travel Books

    I'm a big believer in reading about my intended destination. Not only for valuable tips and information but also to enhance the whole experience. I'm a nut on history, art, literature, wine, architecture and language. In addition to guidebooks I enjoy travel narratives about the country . We all know what " Under the Tuscan Sun " did for Tuscany and what " A Year in Provence" did for Provence. There is a whole genre of books dedicated to ex patriates moving to a foreign country like Italy or France and buying and restoring an old farm house. It's a dream that resonates in many of us even when we live in places like California. I know because I have a small library on the subject right down to how to buy a house in Italy and France. Funny thing is that Peter Mayle and Frances Mayes both had to move because so many tourists were showing up at their door !

    One of my favorite authors , not quite as famous as Frances Mayes but a far better writer is Ferenc Mate. He is a true Renaissance man having been born in Hungary raised in Canada and the US and for the last 20 years a native of Tuscany. He has 2 excellent books on living the Tuscan dream, " The Hills of Tuscany " in which he relates the story of how he came to live there and his latest, " A Vinyard in Tuscany " in which he fulfills a life long dream of starting his own vinyard and restoring an 800 year old monastery. In addition to being a world class wine maker, he is also an expert on sail boats and his next book will be set in Tahiti. Check him out.





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