A romantic honeymoon should be your own private heaven.

A place where romance wraps around you like a cloak; where you need make no decisions; where everything is provided for you, yet solitude is as easy to find as the sea.

This is why Turtle Island Fiji is the perfect getaway for newlyweds. What more perfect place to celebrate love than in our hidden Eden of private beaches, dark-leaved jungles, and sky-blue waters.

Imagine waking hand-in-hand along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, heading back to your secluded cottage (“bure”) to be greeted by a spacious, romantic, and relaxing atmosphere glittering with sun and a flush of jasmine-scented air over the bed.

In the mornings, you’ll be served a breakfast of fresh fruits, cereals, pastries and muffins fresh from the oven, and specially prepared delights like a lobster omelet.  You can enjoy this divine meal on the beach in front of our main Resort with the other island guests, or you can enjoy it in a quiet spot under palm trees in front of your bure. 

From there, the day lays itself out before you like a magic carpet.

Your time on Turtle Island is your own—navigate a sailboat around the lagoon or let it float lazily in the sun, snorkel among bright clouds of fish, thunder through the rolling surf on horseback, or explore a green-shaded jungle trail. The options, just like your new life, are wide open.

Meander along one of the remote silent beaches that ring the island, where a luncheon of lobster and champagne will top off your private beach picnic.  Rest, explore, discover, play. Your honeymoon should be superbly romantic, and something that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.  That is Turtle Island.

Once you decide that the day is over, you will walk back along the beach under a thick mat of stars. Your bure is cool and dim, and the scent of salt air and frangipani washes over your four-poster bed. You finally realize that Turtle Island is, as respected travel writer Andrew Harper says, "heaven on earth.”

Celebrity Honeymooners include:

  • Britney Spears
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Trista & Ryan
  • Grant Hackett and Candace Alley
  • Scott and Ally Camporeale
  • Nathan and Tania Buckley
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