A flashy monument to giddy excess, Las Vegas is the place to escape from all sense of convention and restraint. A long way from its origins as a middle-of-nowhere railway stopover, Nevada's legalization of gambling, in 1931, catapulted Las Vegas into its fate as the nucleus of the gaming world. Known by all as "The Gambling and Entertainment Capital of the World," in recent years the attractions have expanded to include theme parks, family activities, excellent shopping, spas, and world-class golfing.

Nonetheless, it's still the lure of bright lights and easy money that keeps 'em coming. The whole world comes to Vegas to let loose and, in turn, you find yourself happily lost in a surreal replica of skylines from all the great cities of the earth. From Manhattan, to Venice, to the Pyramids, every corner you turn transports you someplace else. If you didn't know better, you might think it was just some strange desert mirage - and Elvis might still be in the building!
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